Most of us feel the need to deep clean our homes or offices at least once or twice a year, but typically we fall into the ritual of spring cleaning and don’t clean as often during the winter months. But, winter can actually be the best time to clean for many reasons! Deep cleaning your home or office in the winter can help to keep your space free from germs, dust, and other harmful entities. Here are some reasons you might want to consider cleaning when it’s cold out.

Germs are everywhere!

It’s no surprise that every year the winter season brings along with it another season, flu season. Along with the flu many other viruses and colds are being passed around from person to person and our immune systems are typically weaker in the colder and darker months. It’s important to get rid of those germs that could be accumulating more frequently during the winter. So, if you deep clean your space you’re more likely to keep those around you healthy and happy.

Combat winter allergies!

There might not be as much pollen in the winter as there is in the spring but there are definitely other allergies that might be bugging you. Winter is the prime season for dust mites and mold to accumulate and these allergy culprits tend to live indoors. By deep cleaning you’ll be sure to get rid of these and have an allergen free space to live or work in.

You’re spending more time indoors.

In the winter we tend to spend more time indoors because it’s cold and dark and who wants to be outside anyway? Since we are spending more times indoors, our indoor spaces tend to get dirtier easier because we’re creating more dust and mess. So, it makes sense to do a heavy cleaning.

If you deep clean during the winter not only will you stay happier and healthier, but you’ll also have more time to enjoy the spring when warmer weather rolls around!