Office Cleaning Services

Green Clean has been serving the Southern Nevada business community since 2003. We are fully insured, hold business licenses in Las Vegas and Henderson, and are a “Green Clean Certified” company.

Green Clean Commercial Cleaning holds the Green Clean Institute Certification for ownership, management and employees, requiring annual inspection and recertification.

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Office Janitorial Services

According to a study performed by the Center for Facilities Research, a correlation exists between the cleanliness of an office and the productivity it provides. Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet. Employees often eat, drink, and sometimes sleep at their desk. This can lead to the introduction of harmful germs that may hinder productivity.

An unclean office building is not only a distraction but a potential health hazard. The threat of illness grows exponentially when germs are introduced into an environment that allows them to thrive.

What Type of Janitorial Services Do We Offer?


Multiple Franchises

We clean multiple Locations or franchises.



We sanitize multi-complex office buildings


Security Buildings

High security and sensitive office buildings.


Large Spaces

Industrial cleaning solutions including large warehouses and storage facilities.


Healthcare Facilities

We will clean and disinfect showers, equipment, floors and common areas.


Professional Buildings

Full service detailed high detail cleaning ready for move-in.

We use only CDC approved disinfectants and cleaners as well as follow CDC approved procedures.

Green Office Cleaning Services

Green Clean Commercial Cleaning Services is a Green Institute Certified company. We are one of the few companies that don’t just offer a green office cleaning service but lives it. Our culture is built around eco-friendly cleaning solutions and protecting our employees, friends, family and pets from harmful chemicals.

In most cases, the chemical residues left behind by non-green cleaning products can be just as dangerous if not more than the germs themselves!

What does our Green Office Cleaning Services Provide:

  • A cleaner and healthier office building
  • Green Institute Certified Cleaning Technicians
  • Obsessive customer support
  • and more
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