Museum Commercial Cleaning

Green Clean has been serving the Southern Nevada business community since 2003. We are fully insured, hold business licenses in Las Vegas and Henderson, and are a “Green Clean Certified” company.

Green Clean Commercial Cleaning holds the Green Clean Institute Certification for ownership, management and employees, requiring annual inspection and recertification.

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Museum Cleaning Services

Museums are always the highlight of trips, whether it’s historic, artistic or fossils of dinosaurs; all museums struggle with keeping their facility clean for their visitors.

We will make sure to efficiently and effectively clean museum dust, harmful chemicals and dirty floors from your facility. Our cleaning experts are trained in proper museum cleaning techniques, which are needed to work in such exclusive environments.

Green Clean will ensure your common areas and exhibit areas are free of germs and bacteria.


Green School Cleaning Services


Organic Solutions

We sanitize your facility with organic cleaning solutions.

Green Certified

Our staff is fully trained and green certified.

All Facilities

Full service janitorial services for K12, Private schools, and more.

Floor Cleaning

Superior cleaning services for hardwood, tile, and other flooring.

CDC Approved

We use CDC approved procedures and cleaning solutions.

No Harsh Chemicals

We use safe organic cleaning solutions, great for allergy relief.

We use only CDC approved disinfectants and cleaners as well as follow CDC approved procedures.


Why Choose Green Clean Museum Cleaning Services

Museums display very sensitive exhibits, many are thousands of years old. Traditional cleaning solutions can easily damage exhibits costing thousands of dollars in restoration costs.

Don’t trust a cleaning company that CAN use eco-friendly cleaning solution, we ONLY use green cleaning solutions. Consult Green Cleaning Commercial on how to clean your museum while protecting your guests and priceless exhibits.


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