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Clorox Green Works Commercial Cleaning Products

Clorox, the most trusted name in cleaning products, got to work on a line of products that can clean without the harsh chemical fumes or residue. Launched in January of 2008, Clorox’s line of natural cleaning products essentially launched the eco-friendly cleaning product category growing exponentially, almost overnight. With eco-friendliness and a more natural lifestyle in mind, Clorox began experimenting with natural and safe ingredients in search of a product that wouldn’t just be gentle on the environment but also cleaned any surface. At the time, there was no industry standard for natural, so Clorox looked at some existing definitions and set the bar even higher. All Green Works® products are:

  • Made with plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients
  • biodegradable ingredients that are naturally derived
  • Not tested on animals
  • Packaged using environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible
  • Acknowledged by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program

Ingredient List

Clorox has been very transparent with their Green Works® line ensuring their ingredient list is readily available on their website as well offering a 100% satisfaction refund. 95% of the ingredients in their GreenWorks® line is derived from natural sources making it the leader in natural cleaning products. Let’s take a closer look at their ingredients.

Ingredient What it Does Derived from
Alkyl Polyglucoside Dissolves and Removes oil and grease Plant Based
Boric Acid Breaks down protein-based stains such as grass. Mineral Based
Calcium Chloride Stabilizes natural cleaning enzymes Mineral Based
Citric Acid Reduces minerals to soften hard water Corn Based
Colorant Synthetic ingredient (less than 0.1%) to add color to products. Synthetic
Enzymes Attacks protein-and-starch-based stains in clothing (found in laundry detergent) Plant Based
Ethanol Allows product to dry quickly. Corn Based
Fragrance with Essential Oils Oils extracted from plants to leave a Fresh Scent. Synthetic
Glycerine Prevents streaking and protects effectiveness in low temperatures. Plant Based
Hydrogen Peroxide Powerful oxygen-based cleaning agent. Molecule Based
Lactic Acid Softens hard water for better cleaning. Corn Based
Lauramine Oxide Dissolves and removes dirt. Plant Based
Oleic Acid Prevents excessive foaming. Plant Basd
Potassium Carbonate Increased pH levels for improved cleaning (Acid Level). Mineral Based
Potassium Citrate Prevents ingredients from breaking down over time. Plant Based
Preservative Preservative to extend product expiration. Synthetic
Silicone Antifoaming Agent Prevents unwanted foaming or streaks on surfaces. Synthetic
Sodium Carbonate Softens hard water for better cleaning. Mineral Based
Sodium Gluconate Used to balance pH levels. Corn Based
Sodium Hydroxide Increases pH levels for improved cleaning Mineral Based
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Dissolves and removes dirt. Plant based
Sodium Octyl Sulfate Dissolves and removes dirt. Plant Based
Sodium Percarbonate Oxygen-based cleaning agent. Molecule Based
Substrate Material used to create GreenWorks® Cleaning Wipes. Plant Based
Xanthan gum Increases product viscosity and thickness. Plant Based

What is the Design for the Environment program?

Design for the Environment (DFE) is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partnership program designed to promote green chemistry and protect the health of our environment. Products that carry the DFE logo have tested to meet stringent criteria for human and environmental health.

What people don’t know

What many people aren’t aware of is that Green Works® isn’t exclusive to home cleaning. Clorox is determined to improve the lives of millions of people by partnering with qualified commercial cleaning companies to deliver exceptional cleaning results using their line of products. Green Clean Commercial Cleaning Services is one of the few Green Works® Certified companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. We utilize the entire Green Works® product line ensuring we thoroughly clean any surface while reducing the impact on the environment. Their program is very extensive and highly selective of the businesses they work with. We are proud they chose us to be the leader in Green Works® commercial cleaning here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Green Works® products are recognized by the DFE! Learn more about the Design for the Environment program

Green Works® Products used by Green Clean Commercial Cleaning

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