Microfiber cloths are made from combination of two synthetic polyamides (which is nylon) and polymers-polyester. High-quality microfiber cloths contain fibers that are bundled and spun into thread and woven into cloth. These fibers are invisible to the naked eye since their diameter is approximately 1/100 of a human hair. The resulting product has a superior power of scrubbing and absorbency due to its amazing and efficient capability of picking and trapping dirt.

Microfiber can be made into Ultrasuede, animal-product-free imitation suede that is easier to sew and clean than the real suede and it’s also cheaper. Ultrasuede can be used to make accessories that traditionally have been made from leather such as handbags, shoes, cell phone cases and backpacks.

Microfiber cloths have grown popularity in the recent past and have changed the way people have been cleaning their houses, household surfaces such as sinks and tables, mop their floors, and wash their cars as well as cleaning their bodies. Microfiber cloths are primarily becoming favorite household cleaners because you only need water for cleaning, and these cloths are also reusable when required for cleaning. Additionally, microfiber cloths are great alternatives for those who wish to reduce chemical exposure, save money and time, eliminate waste and simplify their livelihood.

With an ever increasing health problems such as the likelihood of getting life threatening cancer such as breast cancer and childhood diseases like asthma that are caused by chemical exposure from other cleaning agents, microfiber cloth is an ideal cleaning choice. That also translates into an improved quality of life and saves you money that you would have used to buy cleaning agents such as detergents or soaps. Additionally, microfiber cloths can be reused, and some carry a warranty of two years or more and this greatly saves one the time and effort in looking and finding other cleaning products.

Microfiber cloths are best used when wet for cleaning and dry for dusting. It is advisable to ensure that you wring out as much water as possible when they are wet to increase absorbency and the fiber’s ability to pick up residue and dirt. When shopping for microfiber cloth it is advisable to seek expert information because there are factors that affect its performance ability such as fiber quality, manufacturing, diameter, weaving and design. Additionally, some cleaning clothes are coated with silver because of its antibacterial properties, always be careful when shopping for microfiber cloth to avoid this confusion.