Dental Office Hygiene

Whether you own a dental office or you’re a dental office manager, the overall cleanliness of the office is extremely important. It’s important that a dental office appears organized and clean to all patients and prospective patients. Additionally, dentists and hygienists are frequently dealing with tools and instruments that need to be kept at optimal cleanliness in order to be healthy for patients. Having a clean office space helps to keep everything cleaner and healthier for everyone. Here are a few ways you can ensure your dental office stays clean.

Clean High-Touch Areas Regularly

Thoroughly clean all areas that have regular patient or employee traffic. For example, you’ll want to clean and disinfect all tools then wipe down the surface that they sit on. Other points of frequent contact are patient chairs, dentist chairs, x-ray equipment, drawers, waiting room, bathrooms, cabinets, and anywhere else that patients or staff may frequently touch.

Keep Things Organized

Having a strong system of organization is a huge part of keeping things clean. Make sure all tools are organized once they are disinfected. Your office should have an organization system that makes it easy to find and access necessary tools and equipment without touching other tools and equipment. It’s also important to make sure the waiting room and reception area stays well-organized and clean, so patients enter a clean space upon arrival. This can be done by vacuuming, wiping surfaces, and tidying up.

Disinfect and Discard

Disinfect all surfaces, spaces, and equipment. If something is getting old or needs to be thrown out, discard it. Make sure to take out trash on a regular basis so the office stays germ-free and smells great. Due to the nature of a dental office, it’s especially important to take trash out on a regular basis so biomaterial from patients isn’t hanging out in the garbage for too long which could cause germs to multiply. Do a walk through the office to make sure no surface was forgotten.