Carpeting is a popular feature in many apartments, condos, homes, and businesses throughout the United States. It can provide warmth, comfort, and insulation to a home or office, but what many people don’t know is your carpet is likely the dirtiest place in your space.

Bacteria Buildup

Your carpet is the perfect place for dirt, dust, bacteria, dead skin, and germs to be hiding. In fact, studies have been done that show carpeting is actually dirtier than a toilet. Having a dirty carpet can increase the likelihood of getting a cold, the flu, a disease, and plain old allergies.

What you’re carrying in from the outside will likely get into your carpet, especially if shoes are being worn on the carpet. The more people you have walking on the carpet, the dirtier it will get. Think about everyone who’s walked through your home or office recently. Where have they been? What have they been tracking in with them? All of that ends up in your carpet. If you’re eating in a space that has carpet, it’s very likely that food will get inside and on the carpet, which can attract bugs. If you have pets, the situation gets even worse. We love our furry friends, but their fur, dander, nails, and even possibly their food and feces can end up in your carpeting.

Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

If your carpeting concern is in your home, you can greatly reduce the junk that ends up living in your carpet by simply taking shoes off outside before entering the home. By taking shoes off, you reduce the risk of carrying in anything unwanted from the outside that might be hiding on the bottom of your shoes. Encourage guests to take off their shoes as well to keep your carpet as clean as possible.

Vacuuming is also very important in any space that has carpeting. Dedicate at least once a week to vacuum your home or office. Regularly vacuuming can help reduce the dust, dander, and dirt that ends up in your carpet, but it’s likely not enough to just vacuum.

You should get your carpet cleaned professionally at least twice a year. Professional cleaners know how to deal with carpets and will ensure a safe, thorough, and effective cleaning of your carpet. If you try to clean your carpet with an at home cleaning kit, it can actually make the carpet worse by leaving a layer of moisture that can harbor mold. Leaving deep carpet cleaning up to the professionals is the best choice.