The Small Business Association’s Emerging Leaders Initiative provides a network of resources to generate new jobs in distressed economic and social areas. The initiative has helped over 2,000 business owners grow their business, which provides a solid and sustainable employment growth for the companies and the areas those companies service.

In the past, the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative has aided businesses’ growth, which brought about over 1900 new full-time jobs. The participants were able to access over 20 million dollars in financing after graduating from the program. They were also able to secure contracts at a state, federal and local level.

The Course and Training

The SBA course lasts seven months. The participants are about to work closely with experienced mentors in the community, attend workshops and meet with city leaders and the financial community. It opens opportunities for networking and knowledge gathering. The curriculum is based on research and enables participants to focus on the development and expansion of their small business.

Small businesses in distressed areas have statistically proven to have sustained growth and create more jobs in those areas than larger businesses. The SBA capitalizes on this ability to provide even more job opportunities in distressed regions.

Over the seven months, there will be over 100 hours of personalized professional training for the C-level executive. There will be growth strategies and plans, financing and access to capital, mentoring from other C-level executives and government contracting training. The training will open up opportunities and help the small business owners with a three-year strategy for growth and action with targets based on performance.

Business Qualifications

Small business owners and operators with annual revenues over $400,00 with at least one employee that is not the owner can participate in the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative. The business must be at least three years old. Those are the only qualifications for the initiative.

Benefits of Participation and Commitment

The business owner who participates must be able to commit to seven months of training. It’s open to any type of business as long as they meet the qualifications. Participating businesses could include manufacturers, retailers, food service companies or professional services. There’s no cost for the program. The costs of the program are covered by the SBA and local sponsors and partners. The business owners who show commitment will see a surge in their business to the next level. They will emerge as a self-sustaining business that will create jobs in their community over the next three years using the strategies and targets learned in the initiative program.

When and Where is the Initiative?

The program is available across the U. S. in areas like Boston, MA, Austin, TX, Bakersfield, CA and Little Rock, AR. There are over 48 cities that have an initiative program. Business owners who are interested in this incredible opportunity should contact their local SBA office for more details. There’s also an online registration form for those who would like to participate. The program is based on current funding. Emerging leaders can sign up in February, and each program begins in April.