Earth Day is a special day in the history of mankind. Earth Day positions us at a point where we get to appreciate this earth and it reminds us on how we cannot live without it. It is a day that we show appreciation to our home. We really acknowledge that without all that it brings, forth survival on this earth will be very hard. Some of the Earth Day activities that will really show that you care for your world are given below.

This earth day a hike will really do you good. Getting in touch with Mother Nature and inhaling the fresh air that she brings forth might be a great initiative to make you appreciate this home, earth. Going for a run or a bike ride on this day will be very important. A hike on Mount Charleston will expose you to the true richness of Mother Nature. The sole aim of this hike is to make you appreciate and enjoy all that nature brings forth, and it is only by doing this that we will work to conserve our earth.

Volunteer for an activity aimed at environment conservation
In this earth day enrolls in a volunteer work that will leave our environment clean and conducive for our ecosystem. Volunteering in an environmental conservation activity will ensure we obtain not only an immediate satisfaction but also a long-lasting effect that will see our environment clean and habitable.

Donate your clothes to charity
This earth day works to make someone smile. Make someone happy by donating some clothes to them. This will also help you get rid of the excess clothes that you own.

A Home Energy Audit
In this Earth Day, thank our earth by conducting an energy audit. This will help you to account for a number of greenhouse gases you release to the atmosphere and as a result, act accordingly to reduce this release to the atmosphere.

Write a Letter to Your Government Representative
This Earth Day take your time to write a letter to the government official about some of the pressing issues. Write about some of the things that have been bothering you about the use of earth’s natural resource such as issues of electricity, water or drainage system in your local area.

Host a Green Party
On this Earth Day, you should plan to through a green party. Employ some biodegradable silverware and cooking some wholesome food will be an important initiative in pushing towards an eco-conscious society.

Plant a Tree
This is very important. Trees will help take in some of the greenhouse gases that will otherwise cause global warming, therefore, making them an important part of the earth. Plant trees will, therefore, be a remarkable earth day activity.
Go Vegan for the Day

If you eat meat, going vegetarian for this day will make lots of difference. In addition to its adverse side effects to health, use of raising beef can release greenhouse gases to the atmosphere making them undesirable for this day.

Get Involved in a Community Garden
Show your love to the planet by getting involved in gardening this Earth Day in a rooftop garden or communal garden. It will be an opportunity to meet new people who love the plane as you do. It will also position you at a point to really think about how this earth is indispensable for our survival.

It goes without say that this day is very important in our ecosystem as we will work to conserve our environment and also help us establish a sustainable ecosystem that is not harmful to any organism.