How to Keep Your Office Clean Between Cleaning Service Visits

It is all well and good to call in a cleaning service every few weeks to clean your office but what do you do in between? Your office will obviously not stay spotless and you don’t want to have it looking unkempt. If clients walk in and find you in a dirty office it will color their opinion of you. In addition to that it is vital to have a clean office if you want to stay healthy. Here are some tips to help you keep your office clean until the next time the cleaning company comes.

•    Everyone should clean up after themselves – they should empty their wastepaper baskets, clean their coffee mugs and any other utensils they use, arrange their desks and so on. This makes the office look tidy and no one person is expected to clean up after the others.

•    Have in and out trays on every desk. This way paper doesn’t have to pile up and make the office look messy. Also, you should encourage your employees to file at the end of each day.

•    Appoint one of the junior employees the task of cleaning the floor either early each morning or late in the evening when most people have gone home. You can make it easy for them by buying them a small vacuum cleaner. They should also dust all the main surfaces.

•    Make sure that all employees understand that they must clean up all spillages and stains as soon as they occur. If they leave them for the cleaning service they will have already set in and will be hard to remove.

•    Let everyone understand that you take tidiness very seriously. If there are employees who leave for the field during the day they should always leave their desks tidy.

•    If you let your employees eat at their desks there will be bits of food on the floor all over the office. You should set aside some space for them to have their meals. It doesn’t have to be fancy or costly – a small round table in the corner can be designated as the eating area.

•    Emphasize that the coffee area should be kept clean and dry at all times. Place a box of tissues close by so that if anyone spills they can clean up after themselves. Make sure that the bin near the coffee area is emptied every day.

•    If you have a very bust office there might be a bit more cleaning to do. Apart from the daily cleaning tasks you can have a rotation for employees to come in on the weekend to clean the main areas of the office.

•    One of the things that makes offices untidy is mail – it ends up scattered everywhere. You should have a designated area for mail. Individual employees should check if for their mail every morning. They should not leave it lying on their desks either – it is best if they deal with correspondence as soon as it arrives.

These simple tips should help your keep your office clean in between cleaning service visits.