stove oven

Everybody knows that you have to clean your oven regularly, but it is a daunting task, and most people don’t truly know why they need to do it in the first place. For one thing, the oven builds up grime and oils and this can be hazardous to the oven itself. It’s possible that you can burn out the oven if the oils and grime hit the coils in the oven.

Then, there is the fact that left over food can build up in your oven causing several issues. It can create smoke and make your food taste unsavory. It can also start a small fire in the oven. These are things that would cost you a lot of money.
The all natural way
Cleaning your oven is time consuming, messy, and involves strong harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to your health. One way to protect yourself from hazardous chemicals and make cleaning your oven less of chore, is to use natural cleaning solutions. There are natural ways to clean your oven, which are less hazardous to your health, and great for the environment.

How to do it
The easiest method involves using:

  • Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar

You may also need to use an old rag and a spray bottle.

  1. The first thing you need to do is mix the baking soda and water into a paste to spread all over the grime, oil, and stuck on food.
  2. Then you need to take out all the oven racks and spread the paste all over the oven. The baking soda will turn brown, but you want to let it set for at least twelve hours.
  3. After twelve hours, you want to take a wet rag and wipe down the baking soda residue.
  4. Lastly, you need the vinegar in a spray bottle to spray down all the places that the baking soda didn’t come off.
  5. Then wipe the oven again with a wet rag. This should make your oven sparkly clean.

The oven racks

cleaning oven rack
After wiping down the oven racks to make sure there is no stuck on grime, oil, and food on them, you can replace them in the oven.  Turn on the oven for fifteen to twenty minutes on the lowest temperature to dry.

The window
For the window of the oven, the task is much simpler, and doesn’t take as long. The first thing you want to do is spread the baking soda paste over the window. You need to let it sit there for thirty minutes before wiping it down with the wet rag.

Water, baking soda, and vinegar is all it really takes to make sure that your oven is safe from the dangers of oil, grime, and stuck on food. So clean your oven regularly without fear of any hazards to your own health, and without having to go out and buy those nasty chemicals that you would normally use to clean it. It’s simple.