The Paris summit that occurred this year was focusing its attention on global climate change, with stress on curbing the temperature increase. Measures were set up to see that temperature increase is kept in check in the margins of between 1.5- 2 degrees Celsius or below. This summit attracted a global audience, with over 15000 delegates attending to represent their nations. COP21 as it was called has been seen as a success and an important milestone in protecting our planet.

The world has been alerted to the increase in the omission of carbon gases from business establishments. The Paris summit saw the fruition of an agreement that was aimed at ensuring that the carbon emissions from businesses are reduced significantly and that businesses embrace green cleaning processes for greener businesses. The core of the summit was to ensure that there is the establishment of laid out infrastructure that will see the reduction of carbon emissions from business establishments.

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The commitment and investments from multi-billion businesses from across the world is a promising sign for better things ahead in ensuring that business units realize the need of running green businesses. The multi-billion businesses are committing themselves to support the climate change agreement, and this is an awakening call to many businesses globally to embrace green business and practice green cleaning techniques.

The Paris summit saw the creation of climate-related development finance. This has seen a lot of money being pumped into the business sector in driving them into green business and green cleaning. This drive has had a lot of impact in the business market. It has seen the transformation of entire business units to embrace the idea of green business. Business across the board has invested in technologies that enable their businesses to function efficiently, with the reduced carbon emission.

The green business and green cleaning agenda was divided into phases to see that ii is understood and implemented by business outfits all over the world. The first step was creating awareness to countries globally and, in particular, businesses on the green business framework. This was aimed at enlightening people running businesses with little or no knowledge of the impact their businesses have on climate change. Once they are enlightened, the will reshape their businesses and re—focus their businesses towards green cleaning that will in effect see a reduction in carbon emission.

The next step was setting up guidelines and procedures that should be followed up by businesses in ensuring that there is a reduction in carbon emission. Technological investments in equipment that are safer and efficient have seen businesses install such infrastructure in the establishment of a fully functional and fit green business framework.

The Paris summit has seen various transformations in the business world, with businesses being reshaped to conform to the climate change agreement. Green business and green cleaning will see a significant drop in carbon emission that will, in the long run, see increased temperature margin being kept in check and turn, the impact of global warming being reduce. This agreement, signed by a majority of nations globally, should be implemented to the later to see that the effects of climate change are kept in check.