I just wanted to say thank you and express how happy and relieved I am to have a cleaning crew that truly knows how to do a professional cleaning.  I have received so many words of praise from management on your work this morning. Some comments were:

Alex: “The upstairs smells so clean!”

Roz: “I am overjoyed that my coffee mug was washed and that the grout was clean”

Shine: “Happy about the staining being gone from the upstairs bathroom floors and for filling the toilet paper dispensers”

David: “I like the air-freshners in the mens bathroom and the foam soap is very good”

Scott: “”The urinals looked like new and don’t smell anymore!”

These were the comments from managers that had complaints regarding the previous cleaning companies and pay attention to detail. They said they received compliments from their staff as well. So you have won everyone over. Keep up the wonderful work.

Accounting/Human Resources
DMA Financial Corp & Forlex Sales Inc.