Green Clean Commercial Cleaning Services strives to be the premier Las Vegas cleaning service. We are one of the only Green Clean Institute certified companies in Southern Nevada. All of our employees are screened and trained in green clean methods.

Janitorial services are no longer a mop in bucket business. With greater demands for Eco-Friendly cleaning methods corporate offices, schools, and public buildings are beginning to see how valuable green cleaning methods are. Green clean institute is one of the few organizations that certify janitorial services as being green.

Our Training Program

The process of implementing green cleaning practices is about much more than using certain products. Green cleaning is the process of combining products, tools, equipment with sustainable cleaning practices. Our goal is to leave your facility healthier to allow your occupants to learn, work and play with the least an environmental impact.

Our training program follows several steps.

Required training

This type of training is required by law. This includes OSHA hazard communication standards and other government mandated programs. HCS requires that each employee who will be handling chemicals be trained.

There are four main areas of employer responsibilities.

  1. Written programs
  2. Material safety sheets
  3. Proper labeling
  4. Continued information and training


We also addressed the safety of employees working with chemicals. Safety also include protecting the occupants of the building during the cleaning and floor maintenance process. This includes slip and fall prevention practices in communication with occupants that may be at risk.

At Green Clean, we maintain standard operating procedures for every cleaning task. To experience the Green Clean difference, contact us to get a quote today.

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