One aspect of offices that people take for granted is that they are clean. The problem with that is no office is as clean as people think, and there are areas that are always fostering bacteria. Some of these areas are easy to spot, such as trash cans and sinks, but as bad as you may think they are, these areas are usually not the dirtiest places.

Germs and bacteria can be transferred to areas that appear to be completely clean. When someone sneezes, the little drops expelled become airborne and often land on what appear to be clean surfaces. Even if employees cover their mouths every time they sneeze or a cough, those germs end up on their hands. Once they touch something, the germs and bacteria are on what they touched. That is why things like doorknobs and keyboards are breeding grounds for germs. You do not expect them to be nearly as dirty as they actually are.

To minimize the spread of germs and bacteria, these are the areas that really need attention during cleaning. Don’t forget to include regular disinfecting of these areas too.

Door Knobs and Bars

If you have watched, some people won’t even touch these surfaces without having something between their skin and the door. There is a good reason for that as people touch doors all day long. These surfaces should be a part of regular cleaning and disinfecting.


The best reason to make sure that everyone has a clean desk is so that the desktops can be regularly cleaned. With so many people putting their hands on the surface and eating at their desks, there are far more germs and bacteria than you can imagine. Having all of the desktops wiped down at least once a week will significantly reduce the chance of spreading germs.


Employees will pick up the phone, even when their fingers have food or if the employee has just sneezed. The close proximity to the employees’ mouths also means that bacteria and germs are spread quickly over the mouthpiece as well. All phones should be wiped down to ensure germs and bacteria are minimized in the office.


Much like with phones, keyboards are constantly exposed to germs and bacteria. People will think nothing of covering their mouths to cough, then immediately return their hands to the keyboard to keep working. Food is also often found under the keys. Have keyboards flipped and lightly tapped to remove the food, then they should be wiped clean with disinfectant several times a week.


The primary focus for cleaning should be on the arms of each of the chairs as people touch these all day long. However, you can also make sure that the back of the chair (where people pull the chair out) are clean too.

When germs and bacteria spread, it can end up costing businesses a considerable amount of both money and productivity. If you find that illness is constantly recycled around your office (and even if you haven’t), you should start making sure these areas are cleaned more regularly. During particularly times of the year, like winter, you can increase how often these areas are clean to reduce illness in the office.

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