As the office manager it is your job to make sure that your fellow employees enjoy a clean office environment – you get the carpets cleaned on a regular basis, you make sure that surfaces are dusted and you even make sure that office cleaners go over the kitchen quite thoroughly. But are there some areas that you are forgetting? Most offices get cleaned but what office managers don’t realize is that there are some areas that are always overlooked. This is not good – they will accumulate germs that can get employees sick and they can also help spread disease faster. When you are negotiating with office cleaners make sure to discuss the following areas:


Office furniture rarely gets cleaned – in fact, in many cases it will be replaced before it is cleaned. Furniture, including office partitions and upholstery needs to be cleaned because it is touched all the time. Your office cleaners should clean all furniture at least once a month. Make sure that they are using soap that is suitable for cleaning furniture – if they use harsh detergents it will damage your furniture items and partitions.


You know how once in a while most employees get colds in your office? It could be because your vents and ducts are not getting cleaned. Vents collect all kinds of dirt – dust, mold and mildew are just an example. You need to make sure that you hire an office cleaning company that has the equipment and experience necessary to clean ducts and vents. Make sure that they do it at least once every three months in cold weather and more often in hot weather.


Lights aren’t directly in our line of vision which means that they rarely get any attention. They eventually accumulate a lot of dust which can be harmful to those who suffer allergies and also cause frequent colds. Make sure that your lights are cleaned on a regular basis.


Sure, the cleaners come in and clean the kitchen floor and cups and plates and so on but when is the last time that the microwave in your office was cleaned? Microwaves accumulate a lot of food spills and these are simply unhygienic. Make sure that every time the office cleaners come in the clean your microwave thoroughly.


Many cleaning companies will clean windows regularly but what about your curtains? Curtains are touched a lot and they also accumulate a lot of dust. Your cleaners should be able to take them down, wash them, dry them and put them back up on a regular basis.

Computers and Printers

Every office has computers but not all of them have them cleaned. Since they are touched by so many people all the time they can pass on disease rather easily. Make sure that computers and printers are sanitized every time cleaners come around. Personal laptops should also be cleaned.

If you want to maintain clean and hygienic offices you should make sure that in addition to the areas of your office that office cleaners usually clean you get to these ones too.