In today’s environment, I rarely have the opportunity to commend a vendor/supplier for a job well done.

After repeated efforts asking for improved performance by our existing national janitorial company, I only received broken promises. It was only after taking the leap of faith with Green Clean that I was able to alleviate my headaches of managing the cleaning of our facilities.

Back in November, Green Clean started with a fresh strip and wax at all of my locations. My Racho vinyl flooring was in terrible condition, and your crew even managed to remove the embedded glue marks from the demolition of our old cabinets.  To say the “floors look fantastic” would be an understatement.  One of my managers actually used the words “ice rink” to describe the spotless finish. Very impressive.

Finally, it is comforting to know that our initial positive experience is on-going.

Green Clean’s customer service hasn’t skipped a beat. Please pass on the good word to your team.


General Manager
United Rentals