Home and office remodeling or a new construction project requires a substantial amount of money and time. Once you have finished your project, you will be amazed at how much dust, debris and dirt will be left over after constructors leave the site. Hiring the services of a professional cleaning company to clean up comes with a lot of benefits such as relieving you of stress and making the construction more presentable to your family, customers, and neighbors.

When you let professionals do the cleaning for you, you should expect them to do a thorough cleanup both in and outside the building. Construction creates a lot of mess, and it can be difficult to clean up after these messes on your own. Interior cleanup from a professional service involves removing all construction equipment and tools, wiping floors and walls and removing a layer of construction dust. The professionals will also vacuum and clean all carpets and eliminate all debris and dirt and even the construction smell from within the building. They will also wipe clean the hinges, door knobs, windows and lights. After they are done with cleaning the interior surfaces, everything will sparkle and be spotless clean. A good cleaning company will use quality products to clean the surfaces and get rid of spilled oil or furnishing. They will also remove oil, grease, and dust on window sills, wall hangings, window ledges etc. because their goal will be to make your home or office clean and attractive.

Cleaning the exterior on the other hand will entail cleaning patios, entrance ways and walkways because they are the first areas that a visitor sees when they approach your new construction. The professional cleaners will power wash, wipe and sweep over these surfaces with special tools. Getting the exterior cleaned after a construction project is just as important as cleaning the interior because a lot of dust, construction material, and waste will be left behind. The neighboring businesses or houses will appreciate you hiring someone professional to clean up after your construction, because it will be done professionally. The type of clean up that a professional cleaning service can provide is much more extensive than what you and your employees could do on your own.

Construction leads to the building up of trash at each stage of remodeling which can become an eyesore to those living nearby and can give your business a bad image. Therefore, it will be prudent to pick up trash at each stage of the construction to give the work area a more tidy and organized look. A construction cleanup service can take care of this so that you don’t have to worry about it, and neither will those that pass by your project.

Hazards of uncleaned construction

If a construction site is left uncleaned, it can cause many hazards to people and the surrounding. This is why:

  1. Construction sites are awash with potential dangers such as screws, nails and other fasteners, dangerous chemicals, beams, boards, broken glasses, trenches, holes among others. These can injure or cause death to inexperienced and untrained workers. Additionally, people passing by can get hurt by these materials and this can lead to a lawsuit.
  2. There may be incorrect grading and other problems that might have gone unnoticed during construction which can pose a danger to the future occupants of the building. They can easily be identified and rectified by professional’s cleaners if they visit the site after the construction is completed.
  3. Industrial chemicals, used oil or other toxic liquids can contaminate the water cycle and cause you liability now and in future. If these chemicals are left behind, they can seep into the water supply and endanger those in the area.
  4. Heaps of concrete from old buildings and demolitions can be an eyesore to the neighbors. They can also injure people for instance, they may fall on people during heavy rains or strong winds and cause harm to people passing by. They may also hold stagnant water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other dangerous insects.
  5. Dust and debris can blow into the road and surrounding areas. If it blows into the road, it can cause car accidents because people will be swerving to avoid the debris or it could even cause a flat tire if they were to run over it. If the debris blows into a neighborhood or parking lot of a neighboring business, it can cause people to get injured by tripping over something or having dust blow in their eyes.
  6. If construction equipment or large debris such as slabs of concrete or wood is left behind, it can attract vandalization from gangs and mischievous youths. This is dangerous for a few reasons. First of all, it can cause the people who are attempting vandalization to injure themselves, and responsibility could still fall on you. Additionally, it causes tensions in the neighborhood and can cause your company and the construction company to have a negative association with them even if you had nothing to do with the vandalization.