How Clean Are the Walls of Your Office? 

Office maintenance is essential in securing proper cleanliness and hygiene. In fact, regular maintenance can prevent mold spores, dust, dirt, and debris from accumulating on your carpets and fixtures. This can prevent respiratory problems and illnesses for all your workers and clients. While it is vital to clean windows, furniture, restrooms, and even break rooms each week – what about your walls? Did you know that walls are susceptible to mold spores, pollens, and even allergens like carpets and rugs? If not cleaned in a timely and professional manner, walls can truly become havens for bacteria and diminish the overall look and feel of your office as a whole.

Why Worry About Walls at All?

All office walls have a tendency to hold onto accumulated dust and grime. In fact, this can make walls appear dingy and discolored over time. No truer is this then for walls with strong texturing, which sadly become deposits for air pollutants, dirt, and other hidden debris and elements. Buildings with manufacturing plants also tend to have a strong presence of soiled walls – and require frequent cleaning to prevent these elements from gaining a foothold. According to maintenance experts, it is imperative for janitorial staffs to address the following at least once a year:

Wall Washing

Wall washing truly improves the appearance and allure of your facility. In fact, the first thing most clients see when entering an office building is the front door and lobby. They also tend to see the walls and basically view the overall condition of the lobby. Even the slightest dirtiness or damage can permanently damage first impressions. As a result, janitorial teams must scrub and wash the walls of the entire building at least once a year. This helps remove stains, mildew, and dirt, while presenting your business as a true professional entity. Mold detection experts can also be brought in to remove any spores between cracks, crevices and other areas.

Regular Wall Maintenance

Regular wall maintenance is important for businesses of all sizes. In fact, regular wall cleaning can prevent a number of elements from clinging onto walls and causing health problems for workers and patrons. This includes but is not limited to:

·         Dirty oils, sweat, and perspiration from hands –these tend to leave marks on marble and even some stone walls.

·         Environmental pollutants, bacteria, mold, and dead microorganisms – notorious for causing respiratory and breathing problems for daily visitors.

·         Smoke, dust, and airborne contaminants – HVAC systems also produce air that may stick to walls and erode their overall quality. In fact, sticky films can amass and accumulate over time as well.

Wall cleansers and solutions will help wipe away these chemicals. They also help restore the natural shine and luster of walls of all sizes, structures, textures and décor.

Regular wall washing helps keep facilities bright and up to date. They also increase the life expectancies of paint and wallpaper. In order to secure walls that are free of daily contaminants and allergens, simply speak to your cleaning team and create regular maintenance plan to achieve all desired results.