Having a clean office is very important to the overall efficiency of your business. Cleanliness might not seem like a top priority to some business owners, but the cleanliness of an office has proven to impact the bottom line because a clean office keeps staff members healthier and happier, which makes them more productive. Most offices have scheduled cleanings, but there are some things you can do to keep your office even cleaner.

Dust Shelves and Surfaces

Offices attract a lot of dust from all the paperwork, books, office supplies, and other items lying around the space. Typically, a thorough dusting of all spaces within the office isn’t a part of regular cleaning routines. Even if basic surfaces are dusted, it’s likely that the harder to reach spaces like shelves, cabinets, and drawers aren’t dusted very often. Dust can stack up at an office and lower the quality of the indoor air, possibly even adding allergic triggers for employees.

Keep Desks Clean

Encouraging your employees to keep their desk spaces clean can have a huge impact on overall office cleanliness. Sometimes employees aren’t the most organized, which means paper and other items can pile up around desk spaces. This creates an unpleasant and unproductive environment in the office and excess items around a desk can attract dust, bugs, and even rodents if not properly cared for. Encourage your employees to maintain cleanliness and organization around all of their desk space. It’s also beneficial to have a policy regarding food in the office, since food can attract many unwanted pests.

Have Enough Trash Cans

If you have a large office space but only one or two trash cans, it’s likely that you don’t have enough for the number of employees your office has. Employees can get caught up in their work and walking a long way to a trash can isn’t always appealing, so trash can pile up around desks and other places.

Encourage Employees to Clean Up

Humans can be messy, and an office full of humans can get very messy very fast. Employees don’t always feel responsible for cleaning up after themselves, but instilling this value into all employees can be beneficial not only to office cleanliness, but also for morale. Leave cleaning supplies around like paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and mild cleaning solution to encourage employees to clean up after themselves. 

Hire A Professional Team

Sometimes leaving it up to the professionals is the best option. A team of professional cleaners can help keep the office clean on a regular basis by cleaning bathrooms, surfaces, floors, windows, and other areas of the office. Many professional cleaning teams will do a more thorough job than the building janitors. Professional cleaning teams will ensure that all office areas stay clean on a regular basis.