More than a decade of providing quality commercial cleaning services to Las Vegas businesses

Janitorial Services Las Vegas

Janitorial Services

We offer a full range of commercial janitorial services including cleaning services where we implement eco-friendly applications that stand out from our competition. Our staff are Green Clean (Institute) trained and with the combination of high standards and quality products we are able to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.[Read More]

Floor Care

We maintain your floors so they keep looking like brand new. At Green Clean, our cleaning initiatives are designed with longevity and original appearance. Equipment and products we use reduce visible marks and our high quality finishes extend the wear of all flooring types. Green Clean combines a decade of experience in commercial cleaning services in Las Vegas and the best cleaning equipment available to deliver results that will enhance the appearance of your entire facility. [Read More]

Concrete Flooring

We offer complete concrete floor maintenance and restoration services. Concrete flooring is just like any other stone flooring with the proper protection and maintenance can be safe, clean and look new the lifetime of your building. Aside from health factors, Highly polished, stained or epoxy finished concrete can dramatically affect the image of a professional environment. [Read More]